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Swim Meet Volunteer Roles/Duties


There will be a mock meet on May 21st, this is the perfect time to learn timer and ready bench jobs!

High schoolers or community members! if you are looking for volunteer hours contact [email protected],  you are welcome to sign up to work in concessions; set up before meets and/or clean up after meets and practices or be a timer, runner or ribbon helper.

Stroke and Turn Judges: 

  • Watch swimmers' strokes and turns for compliance with regulations
  • Attend one training session to learn Lone Star Summer Swim League's stroke and turn regulations: MAY 18TH OR MAY 23RD (see schedule tab). If unable to attend evening training there is  an online course (www.strokeandturn.com).
  • See Volunteer Coordinator


  • Use a stopwatch to time each swimmer’s event, push start at sound of beep and stop when swimmer touches the wall. ( and if there's a mess up there's a backup)
  • Verify name of swimmer with the name on the card on which time will be record
  • Three-(3) timers per lane ( split with visiting team)

Ready Bench: 

  • Calls swimmers to the ready bench area, making sure swimmers are sorted by heat/by lane
  • Seats the swimmers in their benches, based on heat and lane position
  • Gets the swimmers from ready bench to the pool lanes
  • Assists in getting swimmers into the right lane on the right side of the pool (*this is especially important with the younger swimmers and relay events)
  • Lots of patience and organization for all ready bench positions


  • Takes completed sheets from the recording timer and stroke and turn judges
  • check on supplies for those handing out heat ribbons
  • Hand out waters to volunteers once per shift

Ribbons: 2 different jobs

  • During meet hand out heat ribbons to 8 & under.
  • Transcribes results to ribbons and files in folders - Score Table job (done at the end and after completion of the meet, meaning you are there after end of meet)
  • Works closely with Computer Operator

Concessions Coordinator:  filled for 2024

  • Plans, organizes and purchases items for sale during home meets 
  • with help of concession shift volunteers sets up and cleans up concessions area
  • See times posted on website
  • See Volunteer Coordinator or Head Coach

Concession shifts :

  • First shift arrives before swimmers arrive at pool to set up
  • Second shift will relieve first shift during the course of the meet and clean up at end of the meet.

Starter/Announcer: filled for 2024

  • Requires minimal training 
  • Announces each swim meet event
  • Use of microphone 
  • See Volunteer Coordinator or Head Coach

 End of Season Party Organizer 

  • Plans and organizes end of season party at Hunters Creek pool for swimmers 
  • Orders ribbons/medals
  • Coordinates prizes with Coaches and Team manager
  • See Volunteer Coordinator 

End of meet helper

  • helps clean up, return chairs and equipment to regular pool set up
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