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Swim Meet Volunteer Roles/Duties


There will be a mock meet on May 18th, this is the perfect time to learn timer and ready bench jobs!

High schoolers or community members! if you are looking for volunteer hours contact hcsrchurricanes@gmail.com,  you are welcome to sign up to work in concessions; set up before meets and/or clean up after meets and practices or be a timer, runner or ribbon helper.

Stroke and Turn Judges: 

  • Watch swimmers' strokes and turns for compliance with regulations
  • Attend one training session to learn Lone Star Summer Swim League's stroke and turn regulations: MAY 19TH OR MAY 23RD (see schedule tab). If unable to attend evening training there is  an online course (www.strokeandturn.com).
  • See Volunteer Coordinator


  • Use a stopwatch to time each swimmer’s event, push start at sound of beep and stop when swimmer touches the wall. ( and if there's a mess up there's a backup)
  • Verify name of swimmer with the name on the card on which time will be record
  • Three-(3) timers per lane ( split with visiting team)

Ready Bench: 

  • Calls swimmers to the ready bench area, making sure swimmers are sorted by heat/by lane
  • Seats the swimmers in their benches, based on heat and lane position
  • Gets the swimmers from ready bench to the pool lanes
  • Assists in getting swimmers into the right lane on the right side of the pool (*this is especially important with the younger swimmers and relay events)
  • Lots of patience and organization for all ready bench positions


  • Takes completed sheets from the recording timer and stroke and turn judges
  • check on supplies for those handing out heat ribbons
  • Hand out waters to volunteers once per shift

Ribbons: 2 different jobs

  • During meet hand out heat ribbons to 8 & under.
  • Transcribes results to ribbons and files in folders - Score Table job (done at the end and after completion of the meet, meaning you are there after end of meet)
  • Works closely with Computer Operator

Concessions Coordinator:  filled for 2022

  • Plans, organizes and purchases items for sale during home meets 
  • with help of concession shift volunteers sets up and cleans up concessions area
  • See times posted on website
  • See Volunteer Coordinator or Head Coach

Concession shifts :

  • First shift arrives before swimmers arrive at pool to set up
  • Second shift will relieve first shift during the course of the meet and clean up at end of the meet.

Starter/Announcer: filled for 2022

  • Requires minimal training 
  • Announces each swim meet event
  • Use of microphone 
  • See Volunteer Coordinator or Head Coach

 End of Season Party Organizer 

  • Plans and organizes end of season party at Hunters Creek pool for swimmers 
  • Orders ribbons/medals
  • Coordinates prizes with Coaches and Team manager
  • See Volunteer Coordinator 

End of meet helper

  • helps clean up, return chairs and equipment to regular pool set up
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