Swim Meets and Events

Mon May 10

Season Kick Off/New Parent Orientation
HC Pool
Start: 5:00 PM
End: 7:00 PM

Let's get the swim team families together to celebrate a new (hopefully more normal) swim team season!

Swimmers and their families will have an opportunity to get reacquainted and/or meet our new team members - as well as the coaches.

New parents are invited to attend a short meeting @ 6:00 in the clubhouse to learn a little bit about how our team works, expectations for the season, and get their questions answered.

Plans are in the works to have lifeguards, music, and FOOD (hot dogs, chips, water, cookies)!

If you ordered your suit from SwimFreak online by May 3 and clicked the "pick up in store" option, we'll have your suit at the pool to give to you.

You won't want to miss it!

We'll need a headcount so we can plan accordingly - click on the green “RSVP” to tell us who is/isn’t coming from your family.

Sat May 29

Hunters Creek @ Rogers Ranch
Virtual Meet/Hunters Creek

THIS MEET WILL NOT TAKE PLACE ON MAY 31 - SEE EMAIL AND SCHEDULE FOR DETAILS - CLICK ON "MEET ENTRY" HERE IF YOUR SWIMMER WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING (otherwise, we'll assume your swimmer will swim in his/her events at practice the week of June 1)

Due to COVID, Rogers Ranch, our "host", is not allowed to host a meet with an opposing team at their pool, so they have opted to host the meet virtually.  It will work like this: the Hurricanes and Rogers Ranch Waverunners will be entered into meet events (like a "normal" meet); the Hurricanes will swim their events at the Hunters Creek pool during their designated practice times throughout the week of June 1 (volunteer timers and a stroke/turn judge will be present).  The Rogers Ranch swimmers will swim their events at their pool.  Hurricanes will submit their times to Rogers Ranch for final scoring. PLEASE SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER at these mini virtual meets throughout the week.  Click on "Job Sign Up".


Sat May 29

Regency @ Hunters Creek
Start: 8:30 AM
End: 11:00 AM (estimated)

Please arrive by 7:05 am and be ready to get in the pool by 7:20 for warm-ups. Our team and families will set up on the grassy area behind the blocks. Regency will set up in the area around the baby pool. Parking will be tight. Plan ahead; carpool if possible, and be considerate of our neighbors.

Don't forget to sign up to donate to the amazing Cat 5 Cafe concessions stand - use the link under the "Concessions" tab on the homepage.  THANK YOU!

HC warm up: 7:20-7:50

Regency warm up: 7:55-8:25

Meet start: 8:30

Timer/S&T Judge Meeting with Referee: 8:15

ACCEPTING CONCESSIONS DONATIONS for the CAT 5 CAFE: We are asking each family to donate (at least) one item for our better-than-best Cat-Five Cafe concessions stand - tell us what you plan to bring using the link below so we can plan accordingly - sign up here:


Wed Jun 9

Team Photos
Hunters Creek Pool
Start: 6:00 PM
End: 7:00 PM (estimated)

SMILE, folks!

Sam Roberts Photography will be doing our team photos this year.  Links to order your pics are below - there's a discount if you order by picture day, June 9.

Wear your team suit and/or t-shirt - and bring your biggest smile - and check out info from Sam Roberts Photography below:

If you click on the link it will take you straight to the online gallery for ordering.

We do offer a discount if you order by picture day, which is June 9th


If you chose to go directly to our web site to find the gallery you would go to

then chose online ordering
then chose your school (HUNTER CREEK

2021 and
choose HUNTER CREEK this year are online, or you may call our office.

We are COVID-19 compliant and No parents are allowed during photo shoots. This is so that social distancing can be achieved.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Thank you

Sam Roberts Photography

Sat Jun 12

Hunters Creek @ Knights Cross
1000 Knights Cross
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:30 AM
End: 11:30 AM (estimated)

Please arrive at 7:15 - suit, goggles, sunscreen on - ready for 7:30 WARM UP (Meet start: ~8:15).

Our team will be sitting on the deep end-side of the pool; there will be some shade (from Oak Trees).

Knights Cross will have a concessions stand with drinks, tacos, etc.

From 1604, take Stone Oak Pkwy north past Huebner Rd.

Take a right on Knights Cross Dr.
The pool facility is located at the Socoma Recreation Center, 1000 Knights Cross, 78258.

The parking lot fills quickly, so parking along either Knights Cross, Sutters Rim, or Oak Farms is recommended.

Pool phone: 497-8125

It is a 6 lane, 25 meter pool.

Sat Jun 19

Canyon Springs @ Hunters Creek
Hunters Creek Pool
Start: 8:30 AM
End: 12:30 PM (estimated)

Please arrive by 7:05 am and be ready to get in the pool by 7:20 for warm-ups. Our team and families will set up on the grassy area behind the blocks. Canyon Springs will set up in the area around the baby pool. Parking will be tight. Plan ahead; carpool if possible, and be considerate of our neighbors.

We are asking each family to donate (at least) one item for our better-than-best Cat-Five Cafe concessions stand - tell us what you plan to bring using the link below so we can plan accordingly - sign up here:


HC warm up: 7:20-7:50

Canyon Springs warm up: 7:55-8:25

Meet start: 8:30

Timer/S&T Judge Meeting with Referee: 8:15

Sat Jun 26

League Championship Meet - Division C
Davis Pool/Blossom Athletic Center: 12002 Jones Maltsberger Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216
Start: 8:00 AM
Warm-up: 7:00 AM
End: 1:00 PM (estimated)

Biggest meet of the season - slightly different meet entry procedures and rules - please read all info below.

  • Just like with other meets, we will ASSUME ALL HURRICANES WILL BE ATTENDING THIS MEET
  • If you WILL NOT be at the meet, it is IMPERATIVE that you:
    • tell/email a coach AND
    • go online and "declare" your swimmers' absence (click on the green “meet entry ”icon for this meet to do so)

DEADLINE to declare your swimmer's absence and/or tell a coach your swimmer won't be at the meet is THURSDAY, JUNE 17. If you plan to attend the meet, you don't have to do anything - we'll enter your child in the meet.

There are entry fees associated with this meet ($4 per individual event, $2.50 per relay event). Please let us know if your swimmer(s) will not be there - we want to avoid paying entry fees for swimmers that don't participate.

Please arrive at Josh Davis Natatorium at 7:00 - Be ready (suit, cap, goggles on) to jump in for warm up at 7:20. Hurricanes will warm up in lane 3 (Make sure you're at the correct pool; Hurricanes are Div C @ Davis pool -see attached map; division A will be competing at the same time at the Walker Pool in the same complex)


Security: NEISD has a clear bag policy - this policy will be in effect for the meet and all items brought in are subject to inspection at the security checkpoint.

Parking: will be in mainly two places: 1) Front parking lot of the facility between the pools and the football field, 2) Upper parking lot adjacent to the Littleton Gymnasium. There will be no parking in the soccer parking lot as that gate will be closed. There is no tailgating allowed in the NEISD facility parking lot.

ENTRANCE FEE: A $5 entrance fee will be collected from spectators upon entrance to the facility

ENTRANCE INTO THE FACILITY. All teams/all divisions will be entering the facility via the Josh Davis Pool main entrance. Hurricanes – please enter through the far right hand doors where spectators will be directed up the stairs to the bleachers and athletes will be directed to the swimming deck to their team areas.

DECK PASSES: There will be no parents allowed on the pool deck unless they have the correct identification, such as a League Deck Pass that states they are a timer, ready bench, meet marshal, or a coach.

  • To clarify: all Hurricanes spectators and volunteers need a wrist band to enter the facility. Volunteers will receive a League Deck Pass to enter the lower level/pool deck area. Parent committee will pass out deck passes the morning of the meet.

MEET SEATING: Swimmers will remain on the pool deck, seated with their team and will not be allowed to go up in the spectator bleachers. Once the swimmer has completed their events, the coach may release the swimmer to their parent and the swimmer will not be allowed back onto the pool deck. Parents will sit above (2nd floor) and watch from the viewing area above (no parents, aside from meet volunteers with a deck pass, are allowed on deck with swimmers). Consider sending a small snack/beverage with your swimmer, but keep in mind, swimmers are NOT ALLOWED to bring in personal coolers (there just isn't space).

PLEASE PRINT/BRING YOUR OWN HEAT SHEET - ESPECIALLY MEET MARSHALL/READY BENCH VOLUNTEERS! (the league will provide a few complimentary heat sheets to each division - but don't count on this! Bring your own.  Tell your swimmer what he/she is swimming BEFORE entering the facility.


  • No posters/banners/streamers/confetti allowed in the facility.
  • No cake or pastries allowed in the facility.
  • No body-painting/body glitter/"eat my bubbles", etc is allowed on swimmers' bodies (allowed: only name and event #/heat/lane)

Additional insight…

The Divisionals/Champs meet is the biggest (and most exciting) meet of the season.

The Hurricanes will be competing against the other 4 teams in our league's division at the same time, in a large, deep, very "professional" pool setting - the Josh Davis Natatorium – there are 8, 25 yard lanes with standard starting blocks (but higher than blocks at our dual meets)

It's a large, LOUD, fast-paced event. Swimmers stay on deck down below; parents watch (and cheer!) from the observation deck on the upper level. Note - parents/swimmers DO NOT sit together at this meet. Coaches and a handful of our team's volunteers (those with deck passes only) will be with the swimmers on deck, helping them get to their events.

Due to the size of the meet, we are limited in the number of swimmers/relays we are allowed to enter in each event; at this meet, your swimmer MAY end up swimming events that they don't routinely swim. We try to make sure we enter a relay in every event, so sometimes we ask our younger swimmers to "swim up" with older relays so Hunters Creek Hurricanes are represented.

Swimmers earn MEDALS for 1st-3rd places (always fun to get, am I right?) and ribbons for up to 16th place. Plaques will be given to the boy and girl who score the most points in their respective age group. Banners will be given to the team that scores the most points in each age group, by gender (these are the banners that we proudly display along the fence at the pool.)

I explain all of this because, sometimes, swimmers (and parents?) are intimidated by the large, deep pool, high starting blocks, amount of noise, and the fact that they can't sit with their parents between events. For most, it's a fantastic opportunity to swim in "fast pool" (tall starting blocks, lane ropes, gutters, etc designed to decrease turbulence) with a cool automated touch-pad timing system. Our swimmers tend to break their own personal records at this meet - and there are ALWAYS super-exciting finishes to watch! It's a great experience, and we hope that ALL HURRICANES will participate and believe that knowing some of the above details will help your swimmer (and you) be adequately prepared. Please reach out to a parent board member or coach if you have questions.

Mon Jun 28

End of Year Party and Awards Ceremony
Hunters Creek Pool/Clubhouse
Start: 5:00 PM
End: 8:00 PM

Let's CELEBRATE the end of a great season - the whole family is invited to join the fun!

  • Party starts at 5:00 - music, swimming, and fun!
  • Arrive on time to claim your spot on a parent relay!
  • Dinner (pizza, chips, drinks, fruit) served @ 6:00
  • Awards Presentation @ 6:45
  • And don't forget about the coaches' bonus collection. It is customary at our end-of-season party to pass a tin around to collect $ to provide our hard-working coaches a bonus. No one is under any obligation to donate, but if you'd like to, the opportunity will be there. I'm mentioning this NOW as a reminder to bring cash (including small bills) if you are interested (I know many of us don't carry cash on us anymore...and change is sometimes hard to come by)

Please RSVP so we can make sure everyone gets plenty to eat!