June 11th Swim Meet @ Churchill Estates

    Hello again Hurricanes!

    This Saturday’s swim meet, June 11th, will be against Churchill Estates. All the info you need to know is on our team's website here: (scroll down to Churchill Estates meet) – Please note the address and time change. We will begin warm-up at 8:30 am….so we get to sleep in a bit. 



    COACHES NEED TO KNOW BY WEDNESDAY IF YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE AT THE MEET THIS SATURDAY. Your swimmer will be included on the roster unless told otherwise.

    If you know that your child will not be at this Saturday's meet, MAKE SURE TO DECLARE HIS/HER ABSENCE on the website by this Wednesday by following the steps below:

    You must do 2 things if your swimmer WILL NOT BE AT A MEET: Here are the keystroke by keystroke instructions to follow if your swimmer will NOT be at a meet:

    Number 1: Log into the team’s site (https://hunterscreek.swimtopia.com/login)to “declare” his/her absence: log in, click on “Schedule” tab, then “Swim Meets and Events”, then click on the green “meet entry” box for the meet your child(ren) will miss, click on “edit” and use the drop down menu to declare your swimmer(s) as “not attending”.

    Number 2: Let the coach know – either at practice or via email @ [email protected]

    Please note that if we enter your child in a meet, but then he/she doesn't participate, there's a fairly lengthy "trickle down" effect, as meet volunteers are forced to make last minute changes to heat and lane assignments and relays - this affects both teams and often delays the start of the meet, so PLEASE let us know if your child won't be there!

    LAST MINUTE CHANGES IN AVAILABILITY- Life happens...kids get ear infections, etc. - if something comes up and your child will NOT be at the meet, please contact Coach Adrien immediately at 210-854-4986 so heat/lane/event assignments can be adjusted accordingly.

    Plan on arriving at 8:15 - caps, goggles, sunscreen, and marked with events - ready to get in pool for 8:30 warm up. Our team will set up on the left side of the pool when we enter. Churchill Estates does have parking at the pool but any overflow can park along the blvd.

    FOR CONCESSIONS: Please make sure to bring cash!!!! They will have breakfast tacos and other snacks.

    VOLUNTEERS: As a reminder, these swim meets can only happen if we have parent volunteers! If you have questions about your volunteer commitment at this meet and/or need to change/cancel your commitment, please contact Kaidan Nguyen and/or Kentrel Poole ASAP ([email protected], 210-580-6649; [email protected], 773-569-5179) as they will have to quickly determine who will be your replacement.



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