We Need Stroke & Turn Officials!

    Do you want the BEST seat on deck at the swim meets?  Then, HAVE I GOT THE JOB FOR YOU!

    These volunteers attend a short "certification" training (2 hours) provided by the league (that includes some training videos and/or a live swimmer demonstration) to learn the rules of each stroke and what exactly constitutes a disqualification.

    Generally, at each meet, each team provides 2 stroke/turn judges per 1/2 of the meet to ensure the meet is judged fairly and consistently. The stroke/turn judges report to the meet referee for final disqualification decisions.

    This is critical volunteer position for our team and is essential for the meet to be run smoothly and fairly.  The bigger "pool" we have of trained judges, the less each of them is asked to work.

    Please consider attending one of the trainings below by sending an RSVP email to:

    MeetMatrix@sbcglobal.net, telling them which clinic you plan to attend (#3 or #4, not both).  In addition, if you'd like to attend in-person (rather than zoom), email SMandacina@sbcglobal.net.

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