Meet 2 Information

    Hey guys,
       So I know the governor came out and set some restrictions again. * Please maintain social distancing inside the pool area, and wear your mask. We only need 3-4 timers per wave, so we do ask if you are not timing, than only one parent per swimmer inside the pool area. I don't know how to access the meet information page, but we decided after the last weekend meet to make 2 waves instead of 3, to allow more break in between the events, but also knowing that we won't have too many swimmers at each wave because we split them in half. This should not make our body count too much higher, and well below the limit of 100. We are exempt from the order according to the email from the league president, but we always want to air on the side of caution. Coach Jake and I feel like we did a great job last meet, and this one will flow smoother since we know how it will go. 
      I am going to upload the heat sheets like we did last time, with the combined information and the waves typed out. It is also attached to this email. I am going to have the time sheets a little better prepared, and since we are only doing 2 waves, not three, we don't need to be there so early. (The kids are happy about this)!
       We will begin the 10 and under warm up at 8:30 so just have your kids ready to go by then. We also have the relays first in the second wave to accommodate the kids that are graciously swimming up so we can have relays in all events this time (yay)! 
    This way our younger ones can leave and don't have to be there for the full 4 hours. 
      The 11 and up will be warming up at 10:30. Please be ready to jump in the water at that time. If there are any questions or concerns, you can email/text/or call me at anytime. Thank you to all our volunteer parents this season! Couldn't do it without you! 

    Ready to take on meet 2!!! 
    Coach Jenn

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